Supervisor password in Internet Explorer® 6.0

Browsing the net, or surfing the net as some would call it, has often been such an interesting activity to many people, ranging from children to adults, employees to employers, security officers to civilian citizens, name it all. Every single individual seems to be anxious for discovering more from the net. In such endeavors of trying to learn more from the World Wide Web (www), the users are likely to get exposed to a multiplicity of contents. They would therefore, be vulnerable to all sorts or dangerous web content.

  • The need for restricting or regulating web browsing

  • How to restrict users with supervisor passwords from accessing certain web content using Internet Explorer® 6?

  • Change “rating settings” to block content types

The need for restricting or regulating web browsing

Contents can easily be accessed as long as the web browsers are active and connected to the server the case of Internet Explorer® 6, which can permit individuals with supervisor passwords to access unlimited information sources and databases on the web. These are reasons enough to justify the dire need for regulating web browsing; more so in families where children are exposed to the Internet and work places where security matters are of greater concern. It is from such exceptional observations that some guidelines were put forward to help individuals using the Internet Explorer® 6 , grasp some knowledge on how they can restrict or regulate the use of certain content.

How to restrict users with supervisor passwords from accessing certain web content using Internet Explorer® 6?

Here are the steps that will help you to restrict users:- Open Internet Explorer bysimply clicking on the icon situated at the bottom left corner of your computer screen/desktop. Look for the tab labeled “Tools” and click. Proceed by clicking at the “Internet option” button. Next, select the “Content” tab. Subsequently, Click on the “Enable button. Make sure the “Content Advisor” tab is on. From the displayed categories, select on filter settings.Note that the further the slide is moved to the right, the more contents are being allowed.

Change “rating settings” to block content types

Follow these steps to block certain content:

Click on the tab labeled “Approved sites”.Type the specified websites that you intend to block. Select the “General tab” then click on the “Create password”. Type in your preferred password, something you can never forget easily. . Exit the wizard by clicking okay to the last dialogue box. Your content advisor is now enabled, your web content more defined, users with supervisor passwords now under your control, and not to mention everything, your family may be safe from the scams.

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