Tips to Uninstall Safari® 4 from Windows® XP and Windows Vista®

Do you want to know the issues that come while uninstalling Safari® 4.0 from a computer installed with Windows® XP or Windows Vista®? How to overcome it?

Internet has become the part and parcel of everyone’s life. Information is available to users everywhere and everything is just a click away and nothing more. The last thing that a user expects is a slow connection. The advent of technology has made Internet connection so fast that people want information within seconds. Browser plays an important role in the network connection speed. A bad browser may very well result in network connection to slow down. So, one requires a better selection of browser to enjoy fast network connection. There are a lot of browsers in the market and the selection of a good browser from the options available is a tough process. Apple® offers a browser called Safari® which they promise is the fastest browser in the business. It promises lots of features and one can enjoy every moment they stay connected. Now information is not only one click away but also available in seconds.

The following information will provide a better understanding of issues that may come up while uninstalling Safari® 4.0 in Windows® XP and Windows Vista®:

  • What is Safari® 4.0?

  • How to uninstall Safari® 4.0 from Windows® XP and Windows Vista®?

  • Problems that may arise while uninstalling Safari® 4.0

What is Safari® 4.0?

Apple® offers Safari® 4.0 and promises that it is the fastest browser in the business. It promises good performance for the top rated sites. Safari® 4.0 has lot of plug-in and so it supports lots of websites. Now loading of websites takes only few seconds with Safari® 4.0. The browser comes with top sites tool in which one can save the frequently visited websites.

How to uninstall Safari® 4.0 from Windows® XP and Windows Vista®?

The process of uninstalling Safari® 4.0 is same in both Windows Vista® and Windows® XP. The process involves moving into control panel under the start menu. Once you move into control panel, click on “add or remove programs” dialog box. There you can look into Safari® 4.0 application and click on uninstall. There you are. The process of uninstalling Safari® 4.0 is made quite easy to the users.

Problems that may arise while uninstalling Safari® 4.0

Although the process of uninstalling Safari® 4.0 is easy, the process of stopping it from installing again in your computer is little complicated. Are you confused what we are talking about. The iTunes® users will be perplexed by the fact that even after uninstalling Safari® 4.0 there are chances that it gets installed automatically. Wonder why this happens? iTunes® automatically installs Safari® 4.0 while it updates itself. The default option of installing Safari® 4.0 creates this situation. So all one needs to do is to uncheck the checkbox of installing Safari® 4.0 and you are done.

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