Viewing images in Internet Explorer®

View images in Internet Explorer® easily using the available options on it. Want to know how?

It is often found that when we open a web page in Internet Explorer®, some pictures don’t get displayed. Instead, we see a red ’x’ in place of an image or the assurance that it is still downloading. This at times is very annoying and can test your patience. If you are familiar with this problem, it’s high time you take a look at some options to view images using Internet Explorer® easily.

Here are some methods that will enable you to view pictures properly:

  • Check whether the link to a picture is broken

  • Clear temporary Internet files

  • Check the ‘Show Picture’ option

  • Enable scripting, java programs, ActiveX® control, and cookies

Check whether the link to a picture is broken

Often it is found that the link to a picture on a website is broken, which stops it from being displayed. So, just visit another site and ascertain whether the pictures on it are displayed properly. Well, if they are displayed correctly then there is nothing wrong with Internet Explorer®, and the link to the picture that is not displayed might be broken.

Clear temporary Internet files

If you don’t see any picture, or if you cannot determine whether the link to that picture is broken, try clearing your temporary internet files. Remember, clearing the temporary Internet files creates more space on your hard disk. If your hard disk is close to being full, this could affect the loading of the pictures on the browser.
Check the ‘Show Picture’ option

Check the ‘Show Picture’ option. If the show picture option in Internet Explorer® is turned off, you won’t be able to see pictures. Just go to ‘Internet Options’, click the ‘Advanced’ tab, and verify that the ‘Show Pictures’ check box is selected under ‘Multimedia’. Click ‘OK’.
Enable scripting, Java™ programs, ActiveX® controls, and cookies

You need to enable scripting, ActiveX® controls, cookies, and java programs to ensure that your system is set-up to enable web pages to run the way that they were designed to. You can go to ‘Internet Options’, click the ‘Security’ tab, and set ‘Default Level’ for the zone that contains the web page. Then, click the ‘Privacy’ tab and ‘Default’ to view images using the web browser. If that seems inefficient, it is suggested to opt for advanced troubleshooting.

So, just keep your patience and try these hand-picked options to make viewing images in Internet Explorer® easier, simpler, and faster.

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