Lexmark™ software updates

Guidelines for downloading and installing software updates for Lexmark printers and other products

Lexmark software allows the users to operate Lexmark products and use them efficiently. Due to Lexmark’s good image quality, various image formats, web pages and forms can be printed easily, which increases the speed of printing. It is capable of interpreting and printing files even without opening printer drivers and applications. The processes have to be simplified to offer distributed printing of main documents through the Internet. Lexmark software is also required for installing the hardware. The available software is checked by the software update window for which the user may have to choose the data to be installed and click ‘Install’ followed by entering the user name and password.

The following points discuss the benefits and tips to install Lexmark software updates:

  • Provides industry standard Java-based toolkit

  • Easy document capture

  • Connection to web service

  • Use of Optra Forms

  • Distribution of drivers with custom settings

Provides industry standard Java-based toolkit

Java-based toolkit contains various command line tools like Apache Ant whose purpose would be to drive processes that are described as extension points and targets files which depend upon each other. This tool is mainly used for building Java applications and these applications can be compiled, assembled and tested by supplying number of built-in tasks. It can also be used for building non Java applications such as C++ and C.

Easy document capture

The software provides the ability to automatically scan the documents which can include different image formats being downloaded before installing them. In case if it happens to capture any defects in the document it may immediately alert the user to stop downloading the document. Here the main aim is to decrease the amount of time being spent in detecting the document download process.

Connection to web service

To download software the user has to visit the website, enter keyword of the software to be downloaded and start searching for it. Then select the operating system from the menu which redirects the browser to the download page. The process of downloading takes time depending on the network speed. Open the file that is downloaded and start installing it by answering few questions. When the installation process is finished the installer alerts the user about it.

Use of Optra Forms

Optra Forms combine data from the application of customer with electronic forms to produce completed forms like labels and purchase orders. These forms provide support for graphics, bar codes etc. Similar data can be sent to different remote users with various resident forms for the customization of complete forms. In general it does not make any changes to the application of database and makes global updating of the form over the local area network.

Distribution of drivers with custom settings

System administrators can update and install the software remotely and can also distribute the driver to different network users. This eliminates the need of installing and configuring the workstation drivers. The administrators can also store the settings of driver installation in a file which is then used for automatic distribution of software simultaneously to various workstations.

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