Audio Drivers

What is the need for audio drivers?

Audio is an essential element in the productivity of the computer. Software have their sounds indicating different operations such as chat messenger, audio players and web browsers. And there can be some issues when installing a sound driver in Windows® XP.

However, there have been some issues that have occurred in Windows® XP related to sound drivers. Some of the problems and their solutions are discussed below.

  • Need of Sound Drivers

  • Sound Driver Issues

  • Solutions to Problems

Need of Sound Drivers

Computer audio is an important part of the computer system and is also a vital part of the human body. In today’s world, computer has become powerful enough to perform multiple tasks and when we are running multiple applications simultaneously, it is hard to remember what we were doing a moment ago. So having a sound for chat messenger or any other application can alert us of the job done or any arrival of new messenger.

And for media professionals, audio is an important tool because they edit audio and video and without it, their job is incomplete.

Sound Driver Issues

There has been an issue regarding audio. Sometimes it’s hard to reinstall sound driver in Windows® XP. When a computer goes for repair and the Windows® XP is reinstalled and when you try to reinstall sound driver, it wouldn’t work. Even if it does, it doesn’t show you the audio device and displays message of “no audio device”.

Some other users that have been using HP notebooks having installed with Windows® XP had the same issue. If your computer crashes or if it is damaged somehow, and you try to restore the operating system, you probably will not have sound, and it will show you that there is no audio device attached. It’s good idea to always back up your data on removable storage devices. You will probably get your data back but there are a lot of chances that you will not be able to recover your operating system completely.
Solutions to Problems

Thanks to the Microsoft® Windows® XP, there is a solution to the problem. The first thing you need to do is install your computer with Service Pack 3, it is packed with all the updates that Windows® XP needs. It is not necessary that it’s always the operating system that causes the audio device to malfunction, but there can be a hardware problem as well and maybe sometimes a computer virus might be causing it. Try scanning your computer with a nice anti virus software.

The best thing you can do is reinstalling your Windows® XP and most probably it will help you. You can go to control panel, system, hardware, device manager and system devices, there you can update your driver.
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