Burn CD In Itunes

Do you want to know how to properly burn CDs using iTunes?

In the past, when most of us had to buy our music in CDs, burning audio CDs isn’t really very common. But now that a lot of people get their music from online stores like the Apple music store, it is necessary to burn them to CDs so that you can listen to them on your car stereo or any other device that takes CDs.

It is relatively easy to burn an audio CD using iTunes® as the tools you need are already integrated in it. There are just some things you need to know to ensure that you burn the files correctly and that you have the best quality sound on your disc:

  • How to burn audio CDs using iTunes?

  • Possible issues with your audio CD

  • Storage space on the CD

How to burn audio CDs using iTunes?

Before you can do this, you need to have audio files in your iTunes® already as it would not burn songs that are not in its library. The first thing you need to do is to create a playlist that contains all the songs that you want to burn into the disc. After you’ve decided on which songs you want to put into the disc, you can now insert a blank CD into your drive and wait for the disc to be recognized. After that is done, you can select the “Burn CD into Playlist” under the file menu. From that point on, iTunes would handle everything. You just need to wait somewhere between 1 to 5 minutes for the process to finish. iTunes would then eject the disc once it is finished.

Possible issues with your audio CD

For audio CDs that are burned with iTunes, the quality may not be as high as that of an audio CD that was bought from a store. The default file format used by iTunes® is lossy, meaning that some quality is lost in order to have reasonable file sizes. The solution for this would be to change the format to the lossless type. Although this would solve the minimal quality issue, your audio files would be roughly ten times bigger and you need to set aside adequate disk space for it.

Storage space on the CD

You also need to keep in mind the number of songs that you can put into the disc. A CD is only able to accommodate roughly 80 minutes of audio regardless of whether your source is lossy or not. For songs of average length, you can fit around 20 songs to a single disc but this can vary depending on your situation.

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