Digital Video Converter

Digital video converters are an application program that enables a user to covert or changes audio and video files to file formats that are widely used i.e. quick time MOV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MWV, WAV and other popular file formats. Video files that were initially taken in the analogue format and cannot be played on the latest equipments, can now be converted to digital format for viewing with a high quality output.

The role, need and features of digital video converter are discussed over here.

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The application program enables a user to alter their DVD configuration files, be able to rip the sound track from a video file and save the resulting file as an MP3 file. If there is the need to use a video or audio file on the internet as a file stream, it allows for conversion into a special streaming format that is playable on the net. In addition it allows for multiple selections from a folder or an entire folder and converts all at once.

A change in technology has brought with it gadgets i.e. iPods®, PDAs, Sony PSP®, and other portable media players that allows you to move easily with files. TV shows, movies, music can now be converted easily into file formats supported by these devices.


The feature that releases users from being stuck in file formats that cannot be shared or read by modern devices are a compress engine that enables for a fast conversion of AVI movie formats that can be burnt on a DVD. Ability to change file formats to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, and DVD. Videos can be viewed in real-times. In addition it provides for a high quality audio and video output i.e. Dolby® AC3 5.1 audio. In addition it has an easy to use interface that can be operated by anybody. A user is provided with a listing of menu and options that one can choose on while working on conversion formats.

Why obtain one today?

Technology is fast changing and some files i.e. music and video files that may have been recorded in the VHS tapes have quickly become obsolete with time. This is because it is not easy to share these files on the net and carry them around. The equipments in the market today can no longer play them. Having this application software will enable you have the precious memories in iPods® and other portable players.

The flexibility to play any files using third party application is made easy as the user is not restricted to the applications they can install in their PCs.

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