Tips to Solve Issues with Sound on Computer

How to resolve common issues that can come with a computer's sound?

Sound in a computer is heard from the speakers. There is a hardware device which corresponds to the production of sound. It is called as sound card. In order to use this sound card, you need the software component. This software is called driver. You would have the driver CD along with you. From that you could easily install the sound card drivers. From the Internet also you could install the drivers. There are many sound issues that can come up in a system. You have to be careful about these issues. Many of these issues are due to the problems with the sound card, drivers, speakers, unauthorized websites, virus attacks or issues with configuration. In these conditions there would be no sound from the system. If the viruses are present in the system, then they would corrupt the drivers and they won’t work.

Following are some tips to resolve common issues that can come with a computer's sound:

  • Using compatible sound card

  • Solving the driver issues

  • System restore and verifying settings

Using compatible sound card

Before buying every hardware device you have to make sure that the device would satisfy all the requirements of the computer. When you buy the sound card, you have to take the compatible and the best card. The sound cards are generally placed in the motherboard. When you buy the card you have to note down the type of slot present in the motherboard. Also check the power rating of the system. Because some cards require more power. You also need to use the system manufacturer’s website, to find out which cards are compatible with the system.

Solving the driver issues

Sound card driver should be compatible with the sound card. For finding that, you have to take the 'Properties' of the sound card from the 'Device manger'. Then you have to search the drivers from the card manufacturer’s website. Before the installation of new drivers you have to uninstall the old drivers from the computer. Existence of more than one driver would make issues and you couldn’t hear the sound from the system. Try to use the best antiviruses and authentic websites only.

'System restore' and verify settings

Performing 'System Restore' is required when the sound from the speakers of the computer is audible and is suddenly lost. This is performed by clicking 'Start', 'All programs' and then 'Accessories' .In that you should click 'System tools' and then 'System restore'. You need to verify that the lack of sound is not due to any fault in speaker connections. For finding that you have to substitute the speakers with head phone and check the sound. You also check the volume and mute settings. If you find that any of the mute check boxes have been checked, you need to uncheck them.

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