Sound Blaster Live Sound Card Audio Playback Error

Are you eager to find out the way to secure the problem that arises after installing the Sound Blaster live sound card?

If you have Windows® XP in your PC along with a Sound Blaster live sound card, you may find your computer not responding to the audio playback after you have played some music using it. This problem generally arises when there is a conflict between the volume controls of your computer and the configuration of the Sound Blaster live sound card driver that has been installed. This can be managed by arranging the configuration of both the sides in such a way that it can be used via digital output as well as analog output. This problem can be resolved through following simple steps:

  • Manually check the volume settings of your computer

  • Download the compatible sound driver from its respective website

  • How to install the updated sound driver

Manually check the volume settings of your computer

Go to the 'Start' option of the computer and click on ‘All Programs’. Find ‘Accessories’ and go to the ‘Entertainment’ option where you will find the settings of your ‘Volume Control’. You need to select ‘Options’ from the top left of the box that appears on your screen and click on the option ‘Advanced Controls’. Select the ‘Advanced Options’ from the displayed dialog box where you need to uncheck the box which says ‘Digital Output Only’ and close the whole thing.

Download the compatible sound driver from its respective website

This is another easy step to follow where you need to download a Sound Blaster live sound card driver that is compatible with your operating system. You can either get the software from the Sound Blaster website, or it can also be obtained from the Gateway. But in order to do this, you need to confirm the model number of your audio appliance along with the serial number of the computer as well as the identity of the customer. You also have the option to contact the manufacturer of the audio device who may help you in determining the right Sound Blaster live sound card driver.

How to install the updated sound driver

To perform this task you need to go to the ‘Control Panel’ of your computer to select the option of ‘Performance and Maintenance’. Go ahead and click on the System icon which will open the System Property box on your screen. Find the ‘Hardware tab’ and select the option of ‘Device Manager’. You need to go to the ‘Sound Video and Game Controllers’ and select ‘Sound card driver’. Go to the ‘Driver Tab’ and click on ‘Update Driver’. You need to select the ‘Advanced option’ and click on ‘Don't search. I will choose the driver to install’. Choose from the list to specify the location for installation of the driver and just follow the instruction on your screen. When asked, you need to put the name and the site for the downloaded sound driver and Restart the computer once the process is over.

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