Winamp® Media Library Not Showing Up Issue

Do you want to know the tips to fix media library not showing up issue in Winamp media player?

Winamp is one of the most known multimedia players. This free software is highly customizable. You can choose from the thousands of plug-ins and skins to customize Winamp. You can play both audio and video files in this software. It supports most of the audio and video formats like MP 4, MP 3, WMA, etc. You can also burn and rip music CDs with Winamp. You can also add and receive music files from the portable music players, like iPod. One of the main features of the Winamp is its highly customizable media library. You can add files to the media library manually or by setting watch folders feature of the Winamp. You can also add the files from the portable music players or from the other compatible software programs, like iTunes. But sometimes, some issues are seen with the media library of Winamp, especially the problem of invisibility of media library. You can fix it with some tips.

Some features of Winamp, causes of problem of media library not showing up and the tips to fix it are given below:

  • Features of Winamp

  • Causes of problem

  • Tips to fix the problem

Features of media library

Watch folders is one of the main features of Winamp. By setting watch folders in your system the Winamp will automatically scan the media files in your system and add it to the media library. You can also burn the media files in the media library. You can also convert the files in media library to other music formats. Another major feature of Winamp is that it supports Unicode file names. It also supports media extensions via plug-in.

Causes of problem

Your computer must meet the minimum system requirements for the smooth functioning of Winamp media player. Some problems may occur due to the use of third-party plug-ins. Another cause may be the use of corrupted media files. There are some compatibility issues between the Winamp and Windows 7 operating system. If your Winamp version is not the latest, then it will malfunction in Windows 7.

Tips to fix the problem

The compatibility issues of Winamp and Windows 7 can be fixed by the installation of the latest version of Winamp. Uninstalling the third party plug-ins may solve the problem. You should not use corrupted media files in Winamp media player.

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