Media Library Plug-in for Winamp®

Are you interested to learn about the role and benefits of media library plug-in for Winamp?

Winamp is the most famous media player for windows PCs. The main feature of this freeware is that you can choose from thousands of skins and plug-ins. Winamp supports most of the audio and video formats including MP 3, WMA, MP 4, etc. It has a highly customized media library. After the installation process, Winamp scans your system for the media files and adds it to your media library collections. A feature called watch folders is set by the winamp, to detect the media files in your system. Whenever, you add a media file to these watch folders, it automatically adds it to your media library. In addition to this feature, you can also add files manually. Winamp media library can support files with Unicode filenames. Winamp comes in a plug-in architecture. It supports thousands of plug-ins. Plug-ins for the Winamp are written using the Winamp software development kit. The media library plug-ins add new functions to the media library.

Some of the features and benefits of media library plug-in for Winamp are given below:

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You can easily customize the media library the way you need with the help of plug-ins. There are thousands of plug-ins available for Winamp. You can organize the files in the media library the way you need. If you want more functionality with the plug-ins, you can edit the plug-in with Winamp software development kit. Plug-ins are available to burn the media files in your library.


The plug-ins can be used to move and organize media files. There are plug-ins available which you can use to clean and organize the media library. It will delete the duplicate files in your media library. Media Library Organizer is one of such plug-ins. Plug-ins can increase the flexibility of Winamp media player.


More plug-ins are available with the latest version of Winamp. The latest version is Winamp 5.58 and the beta version of Winamp 5.59 has been released. Media Library Organizer plug-in can be downloaded from the Internet. Make sure that you use a genuine website for installing plug-ins. Also, make sure that you make your computer virus free for smoothly using Winamp media player.

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