Plugins for Windows Media® Player

Get to know more about plugins for Windows Media® Player.

Windows Media® Player (or better known as WMP) is a proprietary digital media player and media library software solution that has is used for a variety of purposes like playing and streaming audio, video and viewing the images on your hard disk drive then categorizing your entire media collection and managing them into various media libraries. It is developed by Microsoft® and is available for all operating systems based on the Microsoft® Windows® platform that previously used the classic media player.

This article covers features and benefits of installing the plugins for Windows Media® Player:

  • What are Plugins?

  • Features

  • Available Plugins

What are Plugins?

Though the for Windows® Media Player is rich in features and has a lot to offer to its users, often there are times when you would like to have certain additional capabilities added to Windows Media® Player. This is where plugins step in. Plugins provide additional functionality for free or for a price. Plugins are optional components that can be added to the Windows Media® Player to extend its functionality and features. For example, you can add audio, video, or rendering effects as well as DVD playback capabilities.


The plugins for the Windows Media® Player are fairly easy and smooth to install and start using. The installation process is relatively fool proof. The plugins to the Windows Media® Player add a multitude of different functionalities to it like adding audio and video effects and improving rendering for it. The benefit of using plugins is that you do not have to wait for a release by Microsoft® to officially support a desired functionality. Simply add the required plugins and you are all set!

Available Plugins

Plugins are available in three categories. These are the Standard Plugins which are small time add-ons and utilities that are used to add onto and extend nay functionalities that are already built into the Windows Media® Player. Skins are very small programs that are used to modify the way Windows Media® Player look. They are used to provide a customized look to the Windows Media® Player. Visualizations are small modules that improve and enrich the visual experience for the Windows Media® Player to be more entertaining, attractive and visually engaging to improve the overall musical experience. The most popular plugins are the DVD plugins like the DVD Decoder Plugin for Windows Media® Player.

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