Resolving Problems in Windows Media® Player

Get to know more about resolving problems in Windows Media® Player.

The Microsoft® Windows Media® Player that is more popularly known as the WMP is an audio/video player cum a media management solution developed by Microsoft® for Microsoft Windows® operating system. A successor of the classic Windows Media® Player, the new Windows Media® Player integrates various important features such as DRM, plugins and direct updates via the Microsoft® Update.

This article covers various problems and issues that you may encounter while using the Windows Media® Player along with the tips and prevention measures. The errors related to the Windows Media® Player fall under the following categories:

  • Internet Related Issues

  • Codec Related Issues

  • Others

Internet Related Issues

You might face some Internet related issues while using Windows Media® Player. These may be the Windows Media® Player is offline, access to network denied, failure in ICMP.dll or disconnection while playing a stream. These problems could be fixed by some very simple steps such as: making sure that the Windows Media® Player is not set to working offline or checking the firewall tolerance settings for Windows Media® Player. One of the most dominant reasons for having Internet related problems is either the incorrect manual feeding of the Internet speed or incorrect detection by Windows Media® Player. Also, some direct networking problems may be preventing you from using the Internet with the Windows Media® Player. You will need professional and qualified technical assistance to pinpoint the exact cause.

Codec Related Issues

A codec is small piece of software that compresses and then decompresses a digital media file. A codec is used because a compressed file uses comparatively less storage space and can be transferred quickly and smoothly. When you play a digital media file, the Windows Media® Player uses a codec to decompress the file. If the Windows Media® Player is missing a codec required to decompress a media file then you will encounter a “missing codec” error. Such issues may be resolved by downloading the appropriate codec from the Internet. Also, if you are not able to find the right codec to download, you can either search for it on online codec forums (the security may be questionable) of download the Microsoft® codec pack .


Among other reasons, a virus may corrupt the Windows Media® Player and maybe compromised from a security point of view. Or you may experience that during a heavily watched online stream, the video may completely go out. This is because the server might be thinning the stream to keep up the speeds but too much of thinning causes a loss of video.

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