Windows Media® Player

Features of Windows Media® Player and how it is different from the other media players.

Window Media® Player is a proprietary digital media player and media library application developed by Microsoft®, which is mainly used for viewing video files, listening to audios and viewing images in a computer which is operated by Windows® operating system. This media player is compatible on any personal computers as well as on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile® based devices. The edition of Windows Media® Player was also released for using in Mac OS®, Mac OS® X, and Solaris™, but it has been discontinued later.

Tips to use and install Windows Media® Player and advantages of it are discussed over here.

  • Features of Windows Media® Player

  • Advantages of Windows Media® Player

  • Player-Installation of Windows Media® Player

Features of Windows Media® Player

Windows Media® Player is an audio and video media player which inbuilt in the Windows® operating system. But it can also be installed later. In addition to being just a media player, Windows Media® Player has a lots of other features. It includes the ability to rip music from and copy music to CDs, DVDs, burns recordable discs in audio CD format or as data discs with playlists such as an MP3 CD, synchronize content with a MP3 player or other devices. It also provides the service to the users to rent or buy different type of movies, songs from a lot of online stores.

Advantages of Windows Media® Player

There are some advantages of Windows Media® Player over the other players. There is some advanced encoding technique in the current versions of Windows Media® Player like Windows Media® Player 9, Windows Media® Player 12, etc. The encoding process is automatic in Windows® Media Player. This sets up a Windows Media® Player encoding workstation, which is built in the Media player 9. We can do the capturing and encoding work from the DV cameras using Windows Media® Player 9 encoder. To use this first of all an Edit Decision List has to be created and then encoding can be done from the camera. Windows Media® Player 9 can create Windows Media® Player based audio or video files, which are optimized for surround sound. To make a movie is also very easier in Windows Media® Player. This feature is not available in other players like VLC Media Player, Winamp® Media Player, etc. Every type of help is available in Windows Media® Player for every type of problem. The most important advantage of Windows Media® Player, it can be used in small devices like multimedia mobile phones, any video viewing device. These advantages made the Windows Media® Player very famous.

Player-Installation of Windows Media® Player

The installation procedure of Windows Media® Player is very easy. Most of the time, it comes inbuilt with the Windows® operating system. But if anyone wants to install it later then he can install it by following some simple steps. At first the setup should be run. Then next procedures should be followed according to the instruction showed by it. There are lots of websites also that can help to install the software.

These are the basic features of Windows Media® Player.

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