Windows Movie Maker Installation

Get to know more about Windows® Movie Maker’s Installation

The Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker is a proprietary digital media editor and media library archiver cum browser software solution that has been developed by Microsoft®. The Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker is used for multiple purposes like playing and editing videos, basic video editing, adding sound effects and video effects to home movies and concatenating and editing movie clips according to users choice on personal computers that are powered by the various editions and flavors of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. The Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker is the first stop for any home or casual user to direct, edit and post produce a movie.

This article covers features, installation and benefits of installing the Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker:

  • Features of the Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker

  • Installation of the Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker

  • Benefits of the Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker

Features of The Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker

In addition to the capabilities of being a full featured movie editing suite, the Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker can import, export, resize, change sampling rates, edit, rip and copy music and video files to and from compact discs and digital versatile discs etc and burn discs in the standardized Video CD format or as high definition data discs that may feature HD content and synchronize it across various electronic platforms and hence, enable users to freely distribute their content after post-production is complete. The Windows® Movie Maker is available as a default installation for Windows® XP. The supported file formats include Windows® Media Video (WMV), Windows® Media Audio (WMA), and Advanced Systems Format (ASF).

New features draw a parallel to the media player features and a tight integration with the operating systems like including incremental search results that are refined as characters are typed. The Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker supports most of the conventional and popular formats of content distribution.


There is no need to install Windows® Movie Maker on the Windows® XP because of it is a default installation. The installation process for the Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker on other Windows® platforms is fairly easy, straight-forward and easy to carry out. There is only one small step that may cause a problem is the Windows® Authentication. If the Windows® authentication fails then the Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker will not install. If you are sure that your copy of Windows® is authentic, contact professional technical support to get a resolution. If otherwise, then remove the non-authenticated Windows® copy.

The Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker installation provides its users with multiple benefits like a full-fledged video editing suite that is bundled free of cost with your operating system. The Windows® Movie® Maker is easy and simple to use unlike most of its competitors that lack intuitiveness and simplicity of form factor. The Microsoft ®Windows® Movie Maker is covered by Microsoft® and will be under integration with Windows® OS for all future releases. This will ensure future support for the Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker.
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