Windows Movie Maker® Plug-in

Want to make movies at home? Find out how Windows Movie Maker® can help you

Windows Movie Maker is a software provided by Microsoft to create/edit movies. It comes with countless features such as, effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, and timeline narration that are all incorporated to provide convenience of movie making process to all users. Windows Movie Maker® is fully compatible with almost all versions of Windows® operating system provided by Microsoft . The program is fast and makes the time consuming work of movie making an interesting process. Plug-ins are software modules that are added to increase the functionality of an application. Windows Movie Maker® plug-in also enhances the usability of this system. Plug-in that is designed to be installed to Windows Movie Maker® will enhance sound effects, video effects, music transitions etc. Users could choose Windows Movie Maker® plug-in either from the official Microsoft website or thousands of plug-ins made available by other developers. Some of the common Windows Movie Maker® plug-in is Fun Pack or Partial Fun Pack, Transition Maker 2, Pan/Zoom packages, Pixelan's new packages etc.

Following details give users more information regarding the benefits of using plug-in for Windows Movie Maker®:

  • More features

  • Better results

  • Ease of use

More features

Plug-ins add more features to the Windows Movie Maker® application. This includes more features to cut, edit and merge different videos. With these feature enhancements, movie making process becomes easier and more interesting. Thousands of other effects will add more flair and style to the work.

Better results

Adding plug-in to the Windows Movie Maker® produces better results from the application. This greatly increases quality of the work done and enhances the performance of the Windows Movie Maker®. Smoother playback, better quality transitions are all some of the added benefits.

Ease of use

Addition plug-in makes the Windows Movie Maker® easier to use. All of the features and options can be combined together instead of accessing them from different locations thus, making the work of movie making easier. The plug-in is designed in such a way that even users with very little computer knowledge can install and use them. If the user does not like a particular plug in they can be easily removed and replaced.

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