Windows Movie Maker Problems

Get to know about Microsoft Windows Movie Maker (WMM) Problems

The Microsoft Windows® Movie Maker that is more popularly known as the WMM is a popular home and amateur level audio and video editing suite developed by Microsoft® exclusively for the Microsoft Windows® computing platform. The Windows Movie Maker integrates various important features such as supporting multiple file formats and supporting direct updates via the Microsoft® Updates feature. This article covers various problems and issues that you may encounter while using the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker along with the tips and prevention measures. The errors related to the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker can be classified as:


  • Hardware Related

  • Codec Related

  • Others issues

Hardware Related

There can be a number of hardware related errors that may be associated with the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. These errors are primarily due to the fact that the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker does not recognize a direct USB connection by some devices that are used to film the footage to be edited. However, if the footage to be edited is introduced to the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker via another device such as a hard disk drive or a flash drive then the footage can easily be imported and edited. The cause for this may be that a lot of hardware use proprietary connection interfaces that may not be recognized by the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. To resolve this, you may need to look up your hardware documentation and seek professional technical support to resolve the issue for you at the earliest.

Codec Related

A codec is a small piece of software that compresses and then decompresses a digital media file. A codec is used because a compressed file uses comparatively less storage space and can be transferred quickly and smoothly.

The Microsoft Windows Movie Maker uses these codecs to decompress the files that you import into it and then extract it frame by frame to give the control you need to edit the file. If the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker is missing a new codec that is being used by that file then you may get a “missing codec” error. The error may also occur if the file is using a proprietary codec for it decompression.

Such issues may be resolved by downloading the appropriate codec via the Internet. Also, if you are not able to find the right codec to download, you can either search for it on online codec forums of download the Microsoft® codec pack or better still, contact technical support.
Others issues

Among other reasons, the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker may respond very sluggishly to user inputs if the file being processed is too big or if a virus or trojan attack is overwhelming the system resources. You may need to disinfect you computer system of viruses or upgrade to a better configuration if the hardware is not capable of handling large files.
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