Windows Movie Maker Update

Get to know more about Windows Movie Maker Updates

The WMM is an audio/video editing software suite developed by Microsoft®. The program is designed for and aimed at home and amateur level users who would like to edit home videos and/or create semi-professional video compilations and then like to distribute them. The WMM has been one of the best programs for video editing for Microsoft Window® and is updated time to time by Microsoft® via updates (both downloadable and live).

This article explains about the WMM updates available and the needs, and frequently encountered issues:

  • WMM Updates

  • Update Benefits

  • Impact on Performance

WMM Updates

The WMM is updated frequently to keep it abreast of the changing need, requirements and technological inputs. The latest WMM updates ensure that the WMM product that you have been using keeps performing and adapting. If you are running an older beta version of Microsoft Movie Maker, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest version/update being offered by Microsoft®. WMM has already undergone a number of updates since its introduction. The program is available for the users of Microsoft Windows®.

Update Benefits

Updating your version of the WMM makes sure that the WMM maintains a smoother and working condition with the latest files and formats. New WMM updates enhance the Microsoft Movie Makers ability to detect and edit more types of video files and improve recognition for HD audio. Also, they improve the updating process through Windows Live update and integrate it with the OS and there is also a few bug fixes for the WMM.
Impact on Performance

There are a few common issues reported during the upgrade process for WMM. We will take a look at these now. The first one being that though the ability of your computer to handle and edit more video formats has increased, the number of new updates being added ultimately add up if you have an old configuration based PC. There could be space issues as well as speed of operation issues.

Also, during the update download, installation and updating process, there is a decline in speed of the computer on an overall basis.

Sometimes, you may notice that if the automatic upgrades feature is not working or just stops abruptly for WMM, then you would need to download manual updates for WMM.

Another small problem maybe that the Windows® firewall security sensitivity is set to a very high value. This would prevent all updates. Make sure that the firewall is set to defaults and all security levels of Internet Explorer® are also set to defaults.
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