pc backup software

Comprehensive information on PC backup software

Backup software is a computer program which performs a complete backup of a file, data, database, system or server and allows a user to make an exact duplicate of everything contained on the original source. Backup refers to making copies of data. The additional copies are used to restore the original after a data loss event. Backup helps in not only restoring the data but also restoring files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. Before the data is sent to its storage location, it is selected, extracted, and manipulated through different techniques. Backup software is capable of performing incremental backups. Backup packages allow the user to prepare for extreme situations, such as in times when the computer is unbootable or when it cannot be accessed directly. It creates an emergency boot disk that restores the computer’s essential functions, as well as any saved data.

Mentioned below are few points that include information on the features of PC backup software:

  • Data compression

  • Encryption and scheduling

  • Controlling CPU usage and file filtering

  • Disk spanning

Data compression

Backup software is able to compress the data easily. It does not take too much space on the storage medium. Sometimes, it allows the user to alter the compression values. If the user alters the compression settings, then the preferred time or compression trade-off can be decided by the user.

Encryption and scheduling

The backup software helps the user to encrypt the data. There are chances of the backup data which is either personal or commercially sensitive being hacked or corrupted. Therefore, backup software includes an encryption feature that makes the data safe and secure. In addition to this, backup software allows the user to set schedules in advance which helps in taking the backups automatically at a time that is convenient for the user.

Controlling CPU usage and file filtering

Some backup software tools allow the user to throttle the demands it will make on the CPU’s resources. It helps the user to get on with the work while the backup is performed in the background. Moreover, while doing the backup, the file filtering mechanism makes it easy to include or exclude specific types of files. With backup software, it is easy to filter the file and therefore you do not have to perform a cumbersome search and copy operation everytime to filter the files.

Disk spanning

If you have a lot of data to backup, then the backup software helps the user to make use of multiple drives. A blank disk can be inserted into each one and as soon as one disk is filled with the data, the software moves to other disks successively. There is no need to monitor the progress of each backup job. It allows the backup to be completed automatically.

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