PC Diagnostic Software

Features and usability of PC diagnostic software

PC diagnostic software and tools are designed to lessen computer hardware and software problems that are faced by users. These programs can effectively reduce the expenditure associated with the repair of computers. This is done by limiting unwanted repair, unwarranted technical support and excessive warranty issues. This proactive hardware repair software will target the four main phases of a system’s life cycle, including hardware development, computer manufacturing, computer maintenance and customer support. The objective of PC diagnostic software is to check a computer for errors. PC diagnostic software and tools will acts as benchmark test software and tools.

There are several PC diagnostic software available in the market. Important among them are :

  • Desktop and laptop combo pack

  • Motherboard diagnostic card

  • Master Mobile IT kit

  • Burning Suite

Desktop and laptop combo pack

This software can effectively diagnose startup or boot up problems in computers. This can easily pinpoint the problems in all types of computers. It will provide a perfect low cost solution to the booting problems. This software also shows the reason for non booting of the system. The tool also comprises a remote digital display cable and shows the reset/power supply status. Using this tool you can save money to a great extent.

Motherboard diagnostic card

This tool is always available with a power checker. This could do the work of two cards. This software will also efficiently check what is wrong with the system. It has digital displays on both sides. Using this tool it is easy to read digital display codes. The rest detector in-built facility in this tool can find power faults.
Master Mobile IT kit

It combines the features of a strong diagnostic software along with media tools disk and data recovery software. It is a highly compatible tool for all types of computers and provides an added value for the users. This tool consist all features to resolve both hardware and data recovery problems.
Burning Suite

Using this you can test the hardware facility in production line itself. This tool can accurately perform the burn-in test and verify repaired computers. This can save users money and provide customer satisfaction.
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