PC Security™ Software

What are the common features of PC Security Software?

PC Security software provides security to your system. It provides security from virus, unauthorized access and other dangerous applications. If no security software is installed in your system, unauthorized access of your documents and files might happen and this will cause data loss. When connected to a network, there are chances for virus or malware attack. The PC Security software prevents all types of attack. PC Security is the ultimate computer security and it offers multiple locking systems. It is a complete security package that offers password protection, lock files, monitor programs and even detect intruders. PC Security provides protection from browser hijackers.

Some features of the PC Security software are given below:

  • Virus and spyware protection

  • Internet traffic data

  • Spytech SpyAgent

  • Snapshot Spy

Virus and spyware protection

The PC Security software provides protection from virus, malware, spyware and other threats without slowing down your system. It scans files and e-mails in your system. When connected to Internet, it blocks the malicious application and warns you off entering the dangerous websites. It protects your system from unknown threats and blocks all types of key loggers. Automatic hourly update is also possible.

Internet traffic data

Internet traffic data is another important feature of PC Security software. It monitors all the Internet traffic data send and received by your system. The entire SMTP and the POP3 messages are recorded and can be viewed later. The attachments received through email are also scanned.
Spytech SpyAgent

Spytech SpyAgent is one of the most popular PC monitoring software. It is a powerful spyware software which monitors all the functions performing in your system. Spytech SpyAgent is an all in one computer monitoring software. It provides all the essential PC monitoring features, websites, lockdown scheduling, remote delivery of logs via email and FTP.
Snapshot Spy

Snapshot Spy is PC monitoring software. It records all your system activity like VCR. You could play back and see all the activities. It is simple to use and effective software. It includes password protection and advanced encrypted file saving. For accurate record keeping, a date and time stamp option is also available.
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