PC Tune up Software and its Features

Learn about software for optimizing computer performance

PC tune up means optimizing the system performance. PC tune up software helps you to stop the system freezing and crashing. It prevents system slow down. It improves the computer speed and reliability. The operating system accumulates the unwanted files which lowers the memory. This leads to system slow down. In such cases, PC tune up is needed. By PC tune up, you could retain your system to its previous conditions. The features of the PC tune up software includes detection and removal of unwanted applications, hard drive scanning, updating of antivirus and antispyware software, installation of security software and Windows® updates. It also removes the temporary files that are created during Internet access. The Windows® operating system might encounter some other dangerous issues like blue screen error, access violation error and boot error. The PC tune up software avoids this type of errors.

Some commonly used PC tune up programs are as follows:

  • WinCleaner One Click

  • System Mechanic Professional 9

  • Dell PC TuneUp 2.0.0

WinCleaner One Click

Win Cleaner One Click is a PC tune up software. It is simple and the cleaning process can be done by a single click. It includes an antivirus program and a pop up blocker. It warns you about a hard drive failure. It monitors the temperature of your hard drive and it alerts when the hard drive exceeds a certain capacity. It detects, cleans and optimizes your system.

System Mechanic Professional 9

The system slowdown is mainly due to the faulty setting, low memory and fragmentation. System Mechanic Professional 9 is a PC tune up software. It detects the Registry errors and repairs the Registry and frees up memory. It eliminates viruses, worms and malware. By all these functions it optimizes the system performance to its maximum.

Dell PC TuneUp 2.0.0

Dell PC TuneUp 2.0.0 is a PC tune up software that speeds up the system and runs it without errors. The PC slowdown occurs because of the errors and junk files in the hard drive. It detects the errors, clears it and boosts the performance. It also repairs the system errors. It can be run on Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7.

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