Why is my Computer Slow?

Are you struggling with computer performance or is your computer too sluggish? There could be several reasons behind the slow performance of your PC:

  • Hard disk drive has low memory.
  • Several unused software programs and files.
  • Virus, spyware or malware
  • Missing Windows® updates and outdated drivers
  • Overheating CPU
  • Corrupt Windows®
  • Faulty hardware

Microsoft® Windows® users should consider the following points to improve the performance of their computers or determine why the system is running slow.

Out of hard drive space
For a faster system there must be at least 1-2 GB of free hard drive space on a PC. This additional space enables the computer to use it as a backup memory for running programs in the absence of enough RAM.

Hard drive damaged or fragmented
Run Scandisk and Chkdsk to help ensure that there is nothing physically wrong with the computer hard disk drive. Use Defragmentation tool ensure that data is arranged in the best possible order.

Background programs
Remove or disable any unwanted programs or service that automatically loads each time the computer boots. If you use any antivirus program make sure the scanner is not running in the background when you’re doing any important work. When these programs begin to scan the computer, it can seriously affect the performance of your computer.

Hardware conflicts
Check that the Device Manager has no conflicts. If there is any, fix these issues as they could be the cause of slow performance.

Update Windows®
Make sure you download & install latest updates for Microsoft® Windows® time-to-time.

Update your drivers
Make sure you’ve installed the latest drivers for your computer.

Make sure your CPU is working fine. Too much heat can affect the computer performance as some advanced processors can automatically reduce the speed to help compensate for the heat related issues.
Computer optimization is a challenging task for PC users everywhere. It involves all those technical tools and actions that increase the computer’s performance and make it healthier. PC optimization services by iYogi helps you to save your precious system from losing its performance.