Comparison of Windows® 7 features with Windows® XP Service Pack 2

What is the feature and usability of Windows® 7 in respect to Windows® XP Service Pack 2?

Windows® XP operating system is winning over users' confidence since it was released by Microsoft® eight years ago. Undoubtedly the attributes of Windows® XP Service Pack 2 was absolutely unique. The enhanced level of security features made it even more appealing. All the rumors on the security glitches of Microsoft® were answered with the release of Windows® XP Service Pack 2. However, Windows® 7 has also been equally competent and has brought some amazing features to stun the users globally.

Here we will talk about the Windows® 7 in respect to Windows® XP Service Pack 2.

  • The inception of Windows® 7

  • Windows® 7 and Windows® XP Service Pack 2

  • Features and usability of Windows® 7

The inception of Windows® 7

Windows® 7 has been loaded with overhauled user interface, the quick launch bar has been combined with the taskbar and running applications. Simple ways of sharing files and printer sharing makes resources to be conveniently shared over the network. The codecs for both audio and video files are same; the Windows® notification alert can be customized as per the user's choice so that it does not intervene in the middle, deteorating user’s experience. There could be multiple applications that can run at one time. Libraries have been facilitated with combining multiple folders and files to be saved on the hard disk. Software widget enthusiasts give a complete detail of all the gadgets loaded on the system. Action center which has been a new attribute on the platform brings in alert and notification from one location. Jump list makes the searches of application much easier and quicker.

Windows® 7 and Windows® XP Service Pack 2

An organized window with multi-tasking enhancements gives Windows® 7 an edge over Windows® XP. Communicating and sharing files is much easier and quicker in Windows®7. The open programs can be easily accessed by pin and jump list. The navigation is also simpler in Windows® 7 by snap and shake. Between HomeGroup users it is easy to share files, printers and network resources. Libraries in Windows® 7 organizes file and contributes in combining files to be saved on the hard disk. Domain join helps in connecting to networks faster without putting in much of effort.

Features and usability of Windows® 7

Windows® brings in quicker access to the applications by adding in pins and jumplist. The acceleration of sleep and resume helps in enhanced performance. The compatibility is wide with various software and hardware devices. The interruptions are few while working on systems. Also, the notifications and alerts can be customized. Over all Windows® 7 has been able to bring safer navigation, reliable interface and responsive computing. Thus, Windows® 7 is a notch above other operating systems.

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