Performance Issues – Computer Automatic restarts

Are you puzzled at why your computer starts up automatically?

The computer sometimes starts automatically. The reasons to cause your system start up can be BIOS setup issues, software and hardware issues, heat related issues or computer viruses. No matter how complicated issues may seem, you need to perform simple steps to identify the causes of this problem and it can be solved easily.

The major reasons why your computer may start automatically are:

  • Hardware and software related issues

  • BIOS setup issues

  • Heat and virus related issues

Hardware and software related issues

The software program loaded in a computer can generate an error that may cause your computer to reboot suddenly. To make sure if the problem is caused by software, run your computer in safe mode. If the problem does not persist, then assume that the problem lies in certain software. The problem might also be caused by hardware as well. A failing hardware may generate an error that triggers rebooting unexpectedly. If a new hardware is installed recently, it should be removed in order to check if the problem remains. This problem may also occur if new drivers are installed for the hardware or drivers are updated.

BIOS setup issues

The BIOS setting can also lead your computer to start up automatically. If the setting is kept at “Switch ON” when the power returns, the computer automatically starts. The BIOS has a sub menu related to power management, where “turning ON of the computer automatically” can be set. The parameters are like LAN, phone ring, alarm etc. To elaborate, “Wake on LAN” option is available in BIOS, which means a computer is triggered to boot by LAN. Similarly, the computer can automatically start up being triggered by a phone call or alarm set. In this case, check the BIOS set up to solve the problem.

Heat and virus related issues

Many computers are nowadays equipped with “turn off” or” auto reboot” if the temperature is high inside the room, therefore, check current temperature in the CPU. The major reason for heat generation within CPU can be due to faulty fans inside. Internal fans of the CPU are to be checked by opening the system. Noise is a good indicator of a malfunctioning fan inside the CPU. Furthermore, computer viruses may as well affect a computer and make it reboot automatically. Blaster virus and sasser are some of those viruses that make a computer reboot in short intervals.

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