Computer best practices

Do you want to know some best practices for computer security?

For sure, if you have the habit of mishandling computers, they may never serve you to your satisfaction. This calls for better practices when using a computer. A better practice is that which is believed to be the most effective in making the greater benefits out of something. Here, we are looking at the best of computer practices.

Some of the best practices for computer security are discussed over here.

  • Updating your security software/programs

  • Keeping software and program backups

  • Upgrading your computer drivers regularly

Updating your security software/programs

It’s a good practice to keep your security software always up to date. In this way, your computer will be safe from viruses, spywares and other external attacks. You can use the best of your antivirus and antispyware software by updating it quite often. The antivirus should be updated regularly to make it more reliable and effective enough to stand the most powerful attacks. Scanning the system more frequently would be better for your computer. You can set the antivirus to its automatic mode, so that your computer is scanned on a regularly. Also ensure that your firewall is up to date and active.

To help protect your system more, avoid using external devices like USB flash disks, diskettes and compact disks that are not trusted. Most of the viruses are transmitted to your system through these channels. When you are connected to the net, do not download files and programs that are not from a trusted source. Take good care of your computer system.

Keeping software and program backups

Always make sure that you have a backup of the most current software for your computer. Backups can help you when you format or repair your Windows® operating system. Without the backups, you are likely to lose all your files and folders, including some of your programs and/or software in the cases when your system crashes, and you format it.
Upgrading your Computer drivers regularly

Installing the security software and keeping program back-ups alone may not be enough practice to keep your system up to date. You also need to be upgrading your computer drivers. Upgraded drivers will enable your system to operate more effectively with the latest programs you will be using. They (drivers) act like boosters to the computer, to mean, your overall computer performance will significantly be improved when using the most appropriate drivers for your system. There is still much you should be doing to maintain your computer status. Think of the clean up exercise, from the peripherals you use on your computer to the system registry of your computer.
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