Help for Computer Crash

What are the reasons for a computer crash? Tips to resolve a computer crash

Computer is a complicated piece of equipment; its normal work depends on the combination of hardware and software working flawlessly. Any problem in any component can lead to crash. The crash leads in best case to a restart, but may result in loss of your work, or even broken hardware. Here we will glance through:

  • Computer crashes due to hardware problems

  • Computer crashes due to software problems

  • Resolving computer crash

Computer crashes due to hardware problems

There are two main reasons for crashes– problem with hardware or software. Problems with hardware in most cases are caused by overheating or component failure. If crashes begin when weather changes to warm and hot, may be your computer is overheating. It may be caused by the dirt that gets inside the system during its normal use. Every computer system should go to preventive maintenance once per year; that includes thorough cleaning of the inside components from dust – fans, heat exchangers and so on. This ensures normal work of the whole cooling system, and helps to avoid such crashes. Another common problem in hardware that causes random crashes is old or low quality power supply unit. PSU is the main source of current in a computer system and its voltages should be nominal at all times. Probably one of the first components a technician will replace in case of random crashes is the PSU. If crashes occur when the system is under stress (as in playing latest games with heavy graphics), leading to maximum load of the video card and the CPU, there is a good reason the PSU should be replaced. Less probable, but not impossible are problems in the RAM modules and CPU or the main board. Such crashes are hard to diagnose by the end user in most cases.

Computer crashes due to software problems

Software issues almost always arise in third party software or drivers for hardware. Such problems usually begin after installation of new software or program. Another hard to diagnose reason for crashes is random events (such as power shortages, lightning storms and so on). The easiest way to diagnose is using another computer at the same location for a while, if it is randomly crashing too, chances are that problem is in the home electrical system or other outer factors.

Resolving computer crash

In case of software problems crashes will begin after installing a piece of software. The right way to resolve such a crash is to restart the computer in safe mode (if the operating system is Windows family), and try uninstalling last installed pieces of software. This will lead to success in most cases. Because not everything that is installed by the installation program of the software is automatically uninstalled, the only way to be sure, in the worst case scenario, is to reinstall the whole OS – lengthy process, but the only way to be sure that the problem is software – if it is not resolved the problem is usually a malfunctioned hardware component or hardware/software incompatibility.

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