Computer Disk Hardware Configuration

Problems with computer disk hardware configuration?

When you start your computer, do you get any error messages? The messages are in the likes of “Unable to start Windows due to a problem in computer disk hardware configuration”, “Unable to read from the boot disk, check the disk hardware and boot path”, or any other similar message. The statement in the error messages may not be the same, but it may indicate that the “Hal.dll” or “Ntoskrnl.exe” file is missing or corrupted. Other issues that may occur due to the computer disk hardware configuration problem include inability to access the Windows® folders, failure to repair Windows® with the operating system CD, no option being displayed in the Recovery Console, etc.

It is obvious that there are several factors that may lead to computer disk hardware configuration problem, but the missing “Hal.dll” file is a major factor. Let’s get into the details of this problem:

  • What is “Hal.dll”?

  • What are its indications?

  • How can it be fixed?

What is “Hal.dll”?

Is your computer displaying the message, "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: system32hal.dll - Please reinstall a copy of the above file" on Start-up? “Hal.dll” is a file that allows the operating system to communicate with the hardware of a computer. In other words, the interaction between the software and the hardware of a computer is permitted by “Hal.dll”. If these files go missing or become corrupted, then it creates several problems in the computer.

What are its indications?

The computer’s performance gets seriously affected when the “Hal.dll” file is missing or gets corrupted. The registry errors may cause this problem, and if that happens, there will be some common indications. The Windows® operating system slows down and sometimes stops functioning. Without any proper reason, you may even receive error messages. There might be instructions for reinstalling “Hal.dll” due to DLL problems. Overall, proper functioning of the computer gets hampered and this may also cause the computer to crash.

How can it be fixed?

Securing the registry issues can help fix this problem. Clean up the system and reinstall the software programs along with the software for antivirus and spyware protection. If it doesn't work, then try to eliminate the errors. Get a genuine registry cleaner and reinstall “Hal.dll”. The cleaner will perform a complete scan for the problems associated with the registry and will then fix them. If you are facing “Hal.dll” error problems or computer disk hardware configuration issues, you can contact us. Our experts at iYogi can prevent and resolve these issues for you.

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