Computer fix program

How to fix computer programs

Today is the age of computer. We cannot think for a minute without this machine. So it is very essential for the computer to operate properly. But sometimes there might be various types of problem occurred in software installation or at the time of running programs. It may be found very hard to solve those problems.

Tips to fix common computer program problems and some of the common causes of them are discussed in the following points.

  • Computer problems

  • Booting problems in computer

  • Problems caused by viruses

Computer problems

Some of the problems can be handled easily; it is not possible for everybody to call up a system administrator professional to solve the problems because the computer might be needed urgently in safe condition. It is expensive also. So there are few steps, which can be followed to take the computer into a safe state.

Booting problems in computer

There might be some problems at the time of booting computer. The computer might not boot properly. So it’s the time to repair the operating system. There are various operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc. Repairing or recovery works are different for every type of operating system. Microsoft has made their latest version of Windows XP which is “Service Pack 3”. There are many hot-fixes and security updates available. So to recover the computer from this kind of errors first the Disk of Windows XP has to be inserted in case of Windows XP operating system. When the disk is explored there is an option called “Repair”. Click there and follow the steps. There is a huge possibility to recover the computer in this way. If the problem is still there then it will be better to call a system administrator. This type of problem occurs when there are some viruses affecting the computer or some bad files are stored in any disk location of computer.

Problems caused by viruses

Virus can be called as “computer daemon”. Virus first affects the C drive, where the setup is installed. When any virus affect computer then some set files can be deleted by it. There might be some .dll or .exe files also deleted. So some programs cannot run properly. A good updated antivirus should be installed in the computer. There are a huge number of antivirus software available in the market today. But the best one should be chosen for best performance of the computer. Then all drives of the computer including the system drive should be scanned by the antivirus and the threats which will be detected should be deleted. Sometime software are also fail to start without any special reason. This thing happens only if one or more files from the installation file corrupt. To fix that kind of problem the software need to be uninstalled and then reinstalled to work properly.

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