Fix Slow Down of Computer

Are you annoyed with the persistent slow down of your computer system? Do you know what are the reasons behind this slow down and how can you resolve it?

When you buy a new PC or laptop, it works quite fast. But, as time progresses, the computer start to lose its speed and gets slow. This problem is very much common. Many computer users report this problem and blame the Windows® operating system or any other hardware installed in the computer for causing this. But, the reality is different from this. Actually, your computer slows down because; the memory is shared and dedicated to those programs that the user has installed. This is the major cause of slowing of the computers.

Here is a description of the common problems that result in slow down of computer and how to resolve those issues.

  • What causes slow down of computer

  • Details of the causes

  • How to resolve issues causing slow down of computer

What causes slow down of computer

There are various causes of slowing down of the PC. Some of them include installing various unwanted programs, many startup programs, and not removing temporary files from the system. And, if the user is using Windows® XP then not running the disk defragmentation. Disk defragmentation saves the files stored on the system from being distorted. These are the main reasons for the slowing down of the system. Apart from this, attack by malware, viruses, etc. can also slow down the PC.

Details of the causes

The causes are discussed above, but one has to understand each cause individually to get the better understanding. When the user installs unwanted programs, they become a burden on the system and utilize most of the system’s memory. If one has many startup programs running, then also the speed slows down because Windows® operating system has to run those programs on each startup. Temporary files are stored on the PC when one surfs the web. These temporary Internet files should be removed because they use much space of the hard disk’s RAM. Finally, the process of disk defragmentation helps the computer to organize the files stored on the system and hence, makes the computer organized.

How to resolve issues causing slow down of computer

The solution to all these problems is quite easy. If one needs to remove the unwanted program all he need to do is to run the ‘Add or Remove’ utility, choose the program and uninstall it. For getting rid of the temporary Internet files, one must use the disk clean up tool for Windows®. The user must defragment each drive so that the files on the system become organized and the system runs smoothly. Furthermore, the user can easily disable the startup items by giving the ‘msconfig’ command in the ‘Run’ tab. This will open up a window. Click on the ‘startup’ option and choose the programs that you want to run on startup. Only check those programs which are needed. Uncheck all other programs. This would require a reboot but would solve the issue.

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