Tips to optimize computer

Get to know about how to optimize your PC?

Annually, millions of used PC's are shipped out from developed to the developing countries. These computers have older processors, RAM, hard drives, etc. and that is why they work slowly. One needs to optimize the computer to unleash its true speed. Computer optimization is a bizarre term for a beginner but, those users who are using a computer from quite some time would know this term perfectly. Tips to improve the systems’ performance are quite simple and easy even for the beginners.

There are some common tips to optimize the PC to make it faster and more efficient. These tips are described under.

  • Reasons

  • Tips for optimization

  • Improved performance


There are numerous reasons why a computer slows down. Very often, the files on the system become disordered and distorted. This is the most common cause of the slowing down of computers. Another reason is the excessive unused installed programs and software. These programs when are allowed to run use system’s memory and make it slow. Thirdly, the temporary files which are stored on the drives make the PC slower than normal. All these problems can be cured easily.

Tips for optimization

One must be quite familiar with the ‘disc clean up’ term. The disc clean up is used to clean up the specified disc from unwanted files. This proves to be quite helpful and is regarded as the first step to optimize the computer. Once in a month the user must defragmentize the discs of the hard drive to arrange the files stored on the system. To optimize the explorer make sure that the amount of history stored on the system is small. More history requires more space on the disc and the result is slower performance. The final step in optimizing the computer is to download only recommended updates. The user must install only the recommended updates. This option is given in the control panel. Use it wisely and it will make the computer faster than before.
Improved performance

Once the user has optimized the computer, restart the computer. Remember that each change in Windows® requires a reboot before taking effect. It is highly recommended that the user should not download and install any unknown software aimed at improving the performance of the computer. These software do more damage than doing good. These software have some sort of spyware embedded in them, which damages the computer and slows it down. The above tips must be used to increase the speed and performance of the computer.
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