Computer Optimizer

Get to know more about Computer Optimizer.

Computer optimization is the use of application programs, tools and practice to increase the life span of the computer and help enhance their performance. The user can make use of these applications to troubleshoot common errors, increase download process, get more bandwidth without paying for more, and make the processor give more speed without upgrading the CPU or the RAM.

Tools used to optimize your PC and some of the problems that can come are discussed in the following points.

  • Cleaning disk errors

  • Optimizing browser performance

  • Automating Windows® Update

  • Problems that may arise

Cleaning disk errors

Power surges, sudden application crashes may result in the media disk errors occurring. With time, these cumulative errors can lead to poor performance of the system as a slow boot-up process and being unable to save data on the disk surface. The Windows® operating system has an inbuilt clean up tool to help rectify the disk errors. Disk Check application helps to identify the disk errors and cleans them up. In addition to rectifying the surface errors on the disk, it helps in cleaning up temporary files that may have accumulated over a period of time. This could be from browsing through the internet and Windows® application programs as Microsoft® Word. Over time these cumulated files fill up the disk space and slow the performance of the PC.

User files and data created from different application programs can be scattered over the disk. The user may experience some sluggishness when trying to retrieve files on the Hard Disk, this is because these files are scattered over the entire disk surface. The Disk Defragmenter is a Windows® optimization tool that helps to rearrange your files according to application on the disk for easy retrieval.

Optimizing browser performance

Sometimes when using the internet explorer can be a daunting task for many. In some cases, the application seems to drag and takes time to load and download data even when the browsing speeds are up to par. The following options are available to help make browsing an interesting activity. The user can reduce the capacity of the browsing history. This is the memory of web pages visited by the user. A big history capacity leads to the accumulation of files in the disk area thus slowing down the performance of the PC. In addition, the number of days for which browsing history can also be minimized to either 0ne or two days. For faster downloads, there are download accelerators that can be downloaded for free. This helps to increase the download times for files and other applications.

File sharing can also be made fast and easy by using file sharing applications that can provide for direct transfer to the recipient computer.

Automating Windows Update

Every now and again, Microsoft® releases updates for its operating system and associated windows applications. The updates help to optimize the performance of the system.

Problems that may arise

Some of the applications that are used for windows and PC optimization from the web could be laced with spywares. In addition the additional tools also require additional system resources; in the long run, the system performance can end up being compromised in the name of optimizing the system.

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