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Computer overheating and blue screen error

Are you facing the blue screen error or the overheating problem in your computer? Read on to know various troubleshooting tips

Blue screen error is the error screen displayed by the Windows line of operating systems upon encountering a critical error during system start up. Blue screen error can cause the system to crash. The term blue screen is named after the color of the screen generated by the error. Device driver errors are the common cause for blue screen. Damaged or faulty hardware might also cause blue screen error. Viruses and other malicious programs can also lead to blue screen error. And last but not the least, high temperature, that is, the overheating of the system might cause blue screen error. Overheating might also damage the motherboard or any other vital system components such as your CPU or video card. Also, a hot computer usually runs slower than a cooler computer.

The following points discuss the blue screen error and the overheating problem in computers:

  • Blue screen error

  • Consequences of blue screen

  • Tips to resolve these issues

Blue screen error

The blue screen error might show many error messages. Most of the time, you might ignore that and try to reboot the computer and pretend like nothing happened. Blue screen error is very stressful while doing important work. It happens always without any warning, so you might not get any time to save your work.

Consequences of blue screen

When your computer faces the blue screen error, you might face certain problems. If it is due to any hardware or due to overheating, then your computer might stop responding in order to prevent damage to the hardware. The blue screen error might display diagnostic information for debugging the cause of the error.

Tips to resolve these issues

To prevent overheating, you need to frequently check the air vents. If you block the air ventilation, heat generated in your system might not get removed. Always provide proper ventilation for your computer. Excessive usage of your computer might lead to overheating of the CPU. Thus to avoid further serious problem, you need to be careful while using the system. You need to avoid over usage to avoid generation of excessive heat. If the cooling fan does not work properly, the computer might overheat and cause serious damage

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