Computer Overheating Symptoms

What are the symptoms of computer overheating?

If the system is kept in a high temperature environment, you might experience overheating in your system. The other possible reasons could be the corruption of the software that controls the fans or due to defective cooling fans in the system. Excessive or continuous use of your computer for long hours can also be a reason for overheating. Some of the symptoms of overheating in computers include blue screen errors, excessive fan operation, unexplained errors, error messages being displayed or system damages, some of which could be irreparable. All this heat inside your computer can cause problems with your memory, processor and other components to malfunction. Overheating can reduce the lifespan and destroy the hardware components within your computer, leading to data loss and irreparable damage.

Given below are some of the causes and tips to avoid overheating in computers:

  • Ensure sufficient ventilation

  • Shut down system

  • Cooling devices

Ensure sufficient ventilation

Sufficient ventilation inside the computer dismisses all the excess heat that is being produced. Ventilation slots in your computer help reduce the heat within the system. Make sure that none of the slots are blocked that allow the free flow of air inside the computer. The user also needs to regularly clean the fan exhaust system and make it free from dust.

Shut down system

After continuous usage, shut down the system and allow it to cool down. Make sure that you keep your system turned off when you are not using it. Computer overheating can occur when you use your system in high temperatures for a continuous period of time. Users are advised to use the computer in a cool environment preferably in an air conditioned environment. Always make note of the recommended temperature for your system.

Cooling devices

Your computer can also be cooled with the help of cooling devices. These cooling devices have extra air channels that provide sufficient ventilation to the computer and prevent it from overheating. These cooling devices are simple plastic trays on which the computer can be placed and worked on. They generally have small holes on the surface which allows air to flow towards the base of the computer, when placed on them.

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