Troubleshooting Computer Power Supply

Computer power supply is an electronic component that supplies power to the computer system and the peripheral devices that are attached to it. It converts the mains alternating current to a low-voltage supply of direct current to be utilized by the internal components.

Different issues that can come in power supply of your PC and tips to resolve such issues are discussed over here.

  • Issues with power supply unit

  • Diagnosing power supply unit problem

  • Taking care of the power supply unit for a long life

Issues with power supply unit

Short circuiting is a common problem that can lead to malfunctioning of the power supply unit. This can occur in a variety of manners. The user might have bought a PC with a low-voltage rating as 300V and connected to a 500V power unit. The extra power voltage can lead to the short-circuiting of the power supply unit. Power surges are a common phenomenon, when a user does not have a UPS in such a case; there is likelihood that the PSU can be short circuited. Power supply connections to the motherboard can also be an issue. If there is a wrong connection, the PC may not come on. The power connection cable from the mains power supply can also be malfunctioning. The power supply fun failure can also lead to malfunctioning of the whole power supply unit.

Diagnosing power supply unit problem

The initial procedure is to determine whether or not the power comes on. There are ways in which the PC user can determine whether the power is on i.e. by monitoring to see if the fan is turning on or not or checking to see if the drives motors are spinning up or not. In addition they can check to see if the lights little lights on the front panel of the System Unit Case or if there is an initialization by hear any beeps? The user should note whether the system case is hot and in case of a shock, then he needs to immediately pull of the plug immediately. A breeze from the power supply can also act as an indicator to know if it has actually powered on.

The user should also check the correct voltage rating that the power supply unit utilizes and adjusts the mains supply. Using a different power cable from the mains can help eliminate the issue of faulty power cable. Once the power supply does not come on the user needs to check for the live power source. The power source can be verified by trying with a different electronic component to see if it is working.

Taking care of the power supply unit for a long life

Avoid using the computer system for long hours in the day as this may cause some electronic components of the power supply unit to fail. Keeping the computer system in a well air conditioned room can help reduce the problems of overheating that may lead to power supply unit failure.

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