Help for Computer Problem

In today’s first paced changing society, more and more individuals and organizations are using a computer for their information needs. Many have relied on this technology for communication, business transactions and entertainment. But many are the times that users have faced problems on lost time, money and valuable data.

Discussed here in are some of the problems that may arise from the use of computers and how to resolve them.

  • Computer problems

  • Troubleshooting the system

  • Tips for the long life of your PC

Computer problems

The most common computer problems are viruses.These are malicious programs that have been designed to cause havoc to the user’s machine and data. Viruses may cause the user’s data to be deleted, altered or even corrupted. In addition there are a category of viruses that causes the replication of files and folders causing a clog in the storage media. In addition there are viruses that cause a back ground process whereby, there are applications that execute in the back ground without the user’s knowledge. Some viruses have also been designed to open back doors to the system allowing unauthorized persons to have access to the system from a remote location. There is a category that also works by searching for users data and sending them to a different user on the network.

Halting or hanging of the system keeps stopping and the user cannot do anything for sometime before resuming normal operations. This can be quite a problem to the user as normal operations are disrupted.

There are occasions that the system just restarts on its own. This leads to loss of unsaved data. In addition to reboot, there are occasions when the system will not just boot up.

Software errors may occur as a result of run time error that causes the program to close on its own during operation.

Troubleshooting the system

Viruses can be prevented by the user installing and running an anti-virus program. This will help in detecting and eliminating viruses that may come in the system and the ones already existing. Frequently updating the anti-virus will also help in detecting future viruses or the ones that have already muted. Having additional tools as spywares or Trojan blockers will help identify programs like spywares or Trojans that may not be detected by the antivirus.

The user should also clean the system from time to time to ensure that accumulated dusts are removed. Dust can cause a clog of the power supply unit or facilitate heating of the system which may be the cause of the frequent system hang up. Updating the windows operating system will also provide patches for vulnerabilities that may exist in windows programs.

Tips for long life PC

Always cover the PC after use to ensure that dust do not gather on it. Using a UPS will also guard the PC from frequent power surges of sudden power surges that may short-circuit the PC. Always ensure that the system is shut down after use to avoid heating the system from long hours of operations.

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