Tech support for computer screen troubleshooting

Learn about computer screen troubleshooting.

The monitor is the interface between the micro processor and the user. It is the means of communication for the use to know what the CPU is doing and for the user to give appropriate commands to the CPU. Several issues such as interface cable disconnection or failure, power disconnects, wrong video drivers or an actual physical problem can result in the failure of the monitor.

Common problems that can come with computer screen and tips to resolve such problems are discussed in the following points.

  • Common problems

  • Solving the problems

  • Trouble shooting for persistent problems

Common problems

For frequent PC users, they are more than likely to come across problems related to the monitor. The main common problems that affect monitors are discussed here in. The monitor may not blink the green light, which acts as an indicator that the computer is not connected to a mains power supply. Given that a majority of monitors obtains their power from the System unit PSU, they include an activity light in front panel which automatically turns on as soon as the computer is switched on. This is an indicator that the monitor is not receiving power.

In addition the lights may be turned on but the monitor still fails to display. In such a scenario, the monitor is not able to display images on the screen. Poor image clarity is a problem that may hinder programs and other applications from running i.e. the images displayed are blurry and distorted. Cleaning liquids that are not recommended for cleaning the monitor can affect the screen surface.

Solving the problems

In cases where the monitor is not indicating an activity light, the user can check to see whether the monitor has been plugged in properly to the main power switch or not. In addition, the user should check for loose electrical or VGA cable connections. Detaching the electric cord and then putting it back in place can be used to eliminate for power connection issues. In a case where the user has a cable extender, they should detach it. In cases where the monitor in unable to display images, the user can check on the resolution settings to ensure that the brightness and contrast settings were in no way changed making the screen pitch black. For blurry images the user can try checking on the resolution settings and that the correct graphics drivers have been installed.

Trouble shooting for persistent problems

In cases where the user has tried checking for all the above and no solution seems to be effective, the user can try using the monitor on a different computer to see how it behaves. In such a case, the monitor cable needs to be less than 5 feet. In addition the user should try to open the system casing and pull the video card out of its slot and re-fix it back.

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