Computer Setup Help

Remember the days when the first personal computer came to the market. The computers were very expensive and everybody could not afford it. Those were also huge in sizes. But within a shorter period of time the day has been changed. A vast range of modification has been done in computer technology. Prices also got down in computer technology. Now a day we can see computer almost in every family. The invention of laptops made the work of computer easier. Now people can do any computation work anywhere he/she want. It may be home, office, malls, etc. But computers or laptops will not properly if proper setup is not done.

Some common issues that can come in computer setup and tips to resolve them are discussed in the following points.

  • How to setup a computer?

  • Installation of various drivers

  • Software installations

How to setup a computer?

To setup a computer properly first of all, the operating system should be installed in it. Without an operating system any computer doesn’t work. There are so many operating systems are there in the world, like Windows® 98,XP, 2000, Vista®. The operating system should be chosen according to the need in work, and use. The user should be known to the operating system before which he/she is going to install in own machine.

Installation of various drivers

After the installation of the operating system the drivers have to be installed, otherwise the computer will not work properly. There are various drivers, which are needed to be installed in a computer for efficient working. The most common drivers are Audio driver, Graphics driver, USB driver, etc. These installation files of these drivers can be stored in any hard disk location or external devices and can be installed from there. Audio driver is used for good quality sound in a computer. Various Audio drivers can be found. But Audio driver should be chosen according to the model of computer. All Audio drivers are not compatible in every computer. It should be installed using an installation wizard in case of Windows®. One hard disk location should be chosen to install that. By default the installed files are stored in C drive. Graphics drivers are used for fine picture quality of the computer. If this driver is not installed then several problems might occur in videos, games, wallpapers, etc. Like Audio driver, Graphics driver is also essential for every computer. USB driver is the third most important driver which is needed to be installed. USB devices are used very often now a day. There are several USB devices like External hard disc, Pen drive, USB Bluetooth, etc. Data can be carried through USB devices very easily. So USB driver needs to be installed.

Software installations

There are some other important software also, which are very essential for every person like Microsoft® Office Package, Microsoft® Visual Studio, etc. These software can be installed easily by installation wizard in Windows® operating systems.

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