Computer running slow

Puzzled about why your computer is so slow?

With the passage of time the speed of your computer can drop and in this way it can cause a lot more problems for the user. Mostly, computer takes a lot more time to actually fulfill the given command. This can be occurring due to many reasons. This can be very frustrating for the user.

Common causes for slow performing computer and tips to improve speed are discussed here.

  • Causes for slow performing PC

  • Solution to the problem

  • Tips to improve the speed

Causes for slow performing PC

There are many different causes for slowing of computers and in the same way different methods to cure it. The hard drive may be shorter on the available disk space. Or confusing the software may cause the formation of corrupted files that remain in the computer which affect on speed. Data corruption and avoidance of windows updates may cause problems. Computer overheating may be a problem. This may be due to incompatible hardware.

Solution to the problem

A number of steps can be taken if any type of computer speed problem is faced. There should be at least 200-500MB space available on the disk. This allows the computer to have space for temporary and space files. Background programs should be turned off every time the computer is started. The task manager shows the CPU usage of the computer. One most important thing is that the anti-virus scanning should be avoided while working on the computer. Hardware conflicts should be resolved to avoid speed problems. Moreover, the computer the latest Windows drivers and updates should be installed on the computer. If the processor is overheating it may cause a significant decrease in computer’s performance and may cause a problem with the speed of computer.

Tips to improve the speed

Here are a few tips to resolve the slow computer problem. The memory should be upgraded for attaining more space for computer to place temporary files or swap files and in this way it will not affect the computer speed. If the problem persists then it is recommended to erase everything present in the computer and then again, reinstall the Windows OS. If by trying all these tips computer speed remains slow. It means that the computer is facing some hardware problem. For this technical support is recommended for computer.

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