Computer support solutions

How can computer support solutions help

Users always ask, especially, after a severe virus attack about the available computer support solutions. There are many on the market. Some require that you take responsibility and others are very supportive. They contribute to improve the Pc performance. These include defragmentation, scanning and checking your computer information capacity regularly.

Possible solutions for computer problems and tips to improve PC performance are discussed in the following points.

  • Defragmentation

  • Scanning

  • Checking computer for information capacity


Defragmentation simply means clearing away unwanted desk top items and increasing storage capacity. Usually a cautionary report would appear to alert the user that the computer needs to increase its disk space or that the disk space is insufficient. An automatic offer of defragmentation could appear to accompany the alert. If this is allowed it would be an easy resolution to the issue.

If the user wants to conduct this process manually because the automated device may not be discriminatory enough there are useful guidelines available to assist in this procedure. First you go to start, click on al programs; then find accessories, system tools. There you can locate the disk defragmenter. This should be a monthly exercise to ensure that the pc does not lose speed when moving from one program to the next.


This is another supportive device, which can be conducted automatically or intentionally. Like defragmentation it should be incorporated as a regular maintenance feature designed to improve PC function. To scan your PC manually you must first adjust the system settings to coincide with the antivirus program which has been installed.

Next you can start up your program and click scan settings. When that surfaces, you click on perform security scan giving the program permission to scan and destroy all threats. After that you click save, diagnose, repair in that order. There may be some other variations depending on the program you are using but these are the main steps involved.

Checking computer for information capacity

It is always advised to that complement defragmentation the user takes responsibility in regularly checking what information is stored in the hard drive memory. This is a way of monitoring the disk space capacity to know when defragmentation is necessary. A carefully monitored information capacity technique would even reduce the frequency for defragmentation.

To conduct the procedure the user can go to the start menu, the right click on computer. There after select properties. It is here below the General Tab that all the information on your computer would be displayed. Here you would have the option to delete or reorganize your information.

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