Control Automatic Deletion in Media Center Control

Control Automatic Deletion of Shows in Windows Media® Center Control

Previously, if you wanted to watch TV from your computer, you had to go to the network’s website of the show you want to watch. You fought with different streaming or downloading rates, or you just gave up and waited for a repeat. Now with the advances in technology, anyone can turn their PC, laptop, Xbox 360® or netbook into a DVR. This is done with a handy piece of software called Windows Media® Center. It is pre-installed with most computers that have Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7.

  • Viewing TV
  • Recording TV
  • Control Automatic Deletion of Shows

Viewing TV

To view TV on your computer you have to first complete the Windows® Media Center setup. Then you have to wait for a few minutes while you receive some automatic downloads. If, for some reason, you don’t see menu items after a short period, and then go to: Tasks-settings-general-Automatic Download Options-Download Now. After the updates, download and install then you should see some menu options such as Guide, Internet TV, and Promotions. There are two ways to access TV on your computer, Internet TV and Broadcast TV. Internet TV is just streaming video and Broadcast TV allows you to utilize your computer as a DVR and requires a few more steps which are as follows:

Recording TV

To record TV on your computer, you have to either configure or install a TV tuner. You will also need to have a TV signal such as cable or satellite connected to your computer. There are two different types of tuners. Internal tuners are installed inside your computer and attached to the mother board. External tuners are plugged into a USB port. Each of them requires a connection to one of the mentioned TV signals.

Automatically, Windows Media® Center starts recording two minutes prior to a show being aired and three minutes after it ends. You can adjust these timings by clicking Tasks-settings-TV-Recorder-Recorder Defaults. After clicking the Start button click the plus or minus signs to select when you want to begin recording. Under Stop when possible click the plus or minus sign again to select when to end.

Control Automatic Deletion of Shows

Once you are in the Windows Media® Center go to Tasks-Settings-TV-Recorder-Recording Defaults. Under Keep, select from the options on the screen. The various options are –

  • Until Space Needed-This selection automatically deletes shows and movies to make room for new recordings.
  • For one week- Saves a recording for one week and then deletes it.
  • Until I watch-Automatically deletes a recording when you have finished watching it.
  • Until I delete- This disables automatic deletions.

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