Convert Text to Picture When Text Pasted From OneNote® 2003 to Outlook® 2003

Microsoft® has provided many new features in the recent version of Microsoft® Office. One such enhancement is Office OneNote® 2003 that allows users to organize, capture and reutilize notes on a notebook, desktops and even on Tablets. Microsoft® OneNote® offers a single place to gather and reedit notes as per user requirements. You can capture any information in multiple ways and organize them according to your requirements. You can also send notes and pictures by using Outlook® 2003.

Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2003 facilitates you turn out to be additional creative. You can capture your notes by electronic means so they are all set for sharing as soon as you have collected it. Put it into the capability to place in diagrams and web explorer. But one possible error when you are trying to share your image with Outlook® 2003 is error when trying to convert text to picture from OneNote® 2003 to Outlook® 2003. In this article we will deal with :

  • Possible errors when trying to convert text to picture from One Note 2003 to Outlook 2003

  • How to resolve this error?

Possible error when trying to convert text to picture from One Note 2003 to Outlook 2003

In Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2003 when you try copying an entrenched file and pasting it into Outlook® 2003, it will only paste as an image of the embedded file and not the entrenched file. It is due to the application where you are trying to paste image doesn’t support the embedded image itself. So it is really difficult to convert it and paste it from OneNote® to Outlook®.

How to resolve this error?

To get rid of this error the better solution provided by Microsoft® office is service pack 2 version of Microsoft® Office 2003 sp2. This service pack resolves that issue and next time when you try to copy an embedded file from OneNote® and paste it to Outlook® or anywhere else, the embedded file will paste automatically and remain there if these files are supported by Outlook® version or any other application. So if you are using an older version of Office 2003 and facing this issue than immediately download the latest service pack 2 from Microsoft® official site and update your Microsoft® Office 2003 today.

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