Converting Windows Vista® PC To Windows® 7 PC

Upgrading from Windows Vista® to Windows® 7

Windows Vista® was the most popular operating system before the invention of Windows® 7. There might be some problems caused by Windows Vista®. So it has been upgraded to Windows® 7. The things to be kept in mind when you are upgrading from Windows Vista® to Windows® 7, are discussed over here:

  • Failures of Windows Vista®

  • Windows® 7

  • Upgrading to Windows® 7 from Windows Vista®

Failures of Windows Vista®

Windows Vista® had poor customer reviews in everything ranging from games to disk access and network. The main motto for the development of Windows Vista® was to move the core functionality to prevent data loss. In the Windows Vista®, there is proper enforcement of permission for both user and applications and thus provide enhanced security. So even though Windows Vista® may not be the ideal operating system for regular use, but it can be said that Windows Vista® paved the way for the development of a new brand of the operating system.

Windows® 7

By the end of 2009 Microsoft® launched an operating system - Windows® 7. The technologies which were used in Windows Vista® are present in Windows® 7 with a renewed focus on performance and user friendliness.

Upgrading to Windows® 7 from Windows Vista®

During the installation of Windows® 7 there is an upgrade option with the help of which you can upgrade from Windows Vista® to Windows® 7. Upgrading from Windows Vista® to Windows® 7 does not alter the files, settings or programs and thus even though you upgrade from Windows Vista® to Windows® 7 you will have the same settings and none of the important files will be deleted. If your present Windows Vista® does not allow you to upgrade to Windows® 7 you can choose custom installation and upgrade to Windows® 7 but in this case all the files, settings and programs will be lost. The system requirements for Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 are almost similar, but it is recommended that you check out the system requirements before installing Windows® 7. Before upgrading Windows Vista® to Windows® 7 you should keep in mind that you cannot upgrade 32-bit version Windows® to 64-bit version Windows® and vice versa. To upgrade from 32-bit version of Windows Vista® to 64 bit of Windows® 7 you have to choose custom upgrade. In that case you cannot save the settings or important files, you have to keep a backup of the settings and important files. You cannot upgrade higher edition version of Windows Vista® to lower edition version of Windows® 7.

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