Exclude a File from On-Access Protection

Security programs are designed to protect your computer from attacks and malicious software programs. These programs include viruses, spyware, adware, malware, and worms. Without security software your computer is vulnerable. This means that you are susceptible to any or all of the aforementioned attacks. To protect your computer it is recommended to conduct regular scans to make sure that your computer is operating at optimal conditions. The way that you scan your computer will depend on the type of security software that you have installed. This article is about McAfee® on Access Scans. Before you run a scan on your computer, make sure that your definitions are up to date. Most security programs automatically update their definitions, if yours does not, then you can get the latest definitions from the McAfee® website. Let us see:

  • Benefits of File Exclusions

  • Need of File Exclusions

  • Setting up file exclusion in McAfee® on Access

Benefits of File Exclusions

Reducing pressure on your CPU or processor is the number one benefit of file exclusions. This is a good feature as it helps to save time while scanning as a number of safe files are excluded. Another benefit is to limit the amount of false detections that you might be experiencing. So setting up exclusions can be a stress reliever. This will allow you to focus your energy on your primary task.

Need of File Exclusions

There are several reasons to exclude a file or to exclude several files from a scan. Some of the reasons could be file size, or file type. Or you could choose to limit your scan to just the installed drives that you have. Configure your scan to exclude certain drives or servers. Another reason could be that your scan is taking up too much of your processor, or that it is just taking too long. Whatever the reason may be, setting up file exclusion is a relatively routine and easy task.

Setting up file exclusion in McAfee® on Access

To set up file exclusion, you first need to be in your On Access screen. To get there first select Start at the lower left of your screen and then Programs and then McAfee® and then Virus Scan Console. Right Click the On Access Scanner and then select Properties, then select All Processes, Detections and Exclusions. At this point, you can configure your exclusions. Setting up exclusions is only an option in the corporate versions of McAfee®. You can also set up a “custom” scan that you can configure to scan certain drives.

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