Fast computer fix

How to fix the performance issues of your PC?

No one likes their PCs to be slow and many often wish there was some sort of fast computer fix to make it instantly better. If Firefox takes more than 5 minutes to start, you need a fast computer fix. If your PC takes 30 minutes to boot, you need a fast computer fix. There are several things you can do to attempt a fast computer fix:

  • Choose a better spyware and adware detector

  • Make your browser safer

  • Download only from trusted sources

Choose a better spyware and adware detector

Unfortunately, many top antivirus programs, both paid and free bundle spam removers with their antivirus software, programs, are often not very effective as a fast computer fix. For example, Norton AntiVirus 2010 with antispyware and Avast Internet Security are two ‘total security’ options for your PC. They work splendidly for a cursory fast computer fix, but none of them will completely remove spyware from your PC, or prevent it. Keeping the antivirus software up to date can fix the computer.

Make your browser safer

Internet Explorer has been known, for years, as an average browser. Using something else could be a fast computer fix. Internet Explorer has similar security features as Firefox or Opera, However, spyware makers know that the #1 browser worldwide is still Internet Explorer and so focus their development on it. Keeping the browser updates up to date might be a fast computer fix for you.

Download only from trusted sources

It is imperative, when downloading from the Internet, should be done from the most trusted of sources. No matter what you are downloading, one fast computer fix is to know the sources! Only download programs from places like CNET or the actual vendor. Videos should come from places like Hulu. Another fast computer fix is to use torrents that are from legitimate open source developers.

None of these is going to be a fast computer fix. They are preventative measures to assist you in keeping your computer clean of spyware and other viruses. You need to be vigilant and actively keep an eye on the sites you are visiting and the things you are downloading.

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