Invalid Page Fault While Viewing Content Using Thumbnail View

Are you worried about the error message ‘invalid page fault’ while viewing content with the help of thumbnail view?

Thumbnails are smaller versions of large graphic images displayed on a computer monitor for the purpose of saving space. In the present age of digital images, image-organizing programs and visual search engines use thumbnails for giving a reduced size of their images to the viewers. An example for thumbnail is the slide sorter view of Microsoft PowerPoint where miniature versions of the slides are shown. Some web designers produce thumbnails with HTML coding that make the browser to shrink the image rather than using a smaller copy of the image.

Even though, thumbnail view is helpful in saving space on your computer, some users are getting an invalid page fault error when trying to view contents in thumbnail view. Some of the details regarding this error message are given below:

  • Meaning of invalid page fault

  • Reasons for invalid page fault while viewing content using thumbnail view

  • How to resolve this problem of invalid page fault?

Meaning of invalid page fault

In the technology of computer storage, a page is a standard length block of memory, which is used as a unit of transfer between external storage like disk and physical memory of the computer. Page fault is an interruption to the software, when a program retrieves a page that is mapped in the address space, but not loaded in physical memory. The computer might alternatively generate an invalid page fault when the occurred page fault tries to read the memory referenced by a null pointer. Here, for catching the null pointers, the operating system maps a dummy page.

Reasons for invalid page fault while viewing content using thumbnail view

When you are trying to view the contents of a folder or its sub-folder with the help of thumbnail view, you can come across any of the invalid page fault error messages like invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL or invalid page fault in module THUMBVW.DLL.

These problems might arise if the Thumbs.db file that contains the thumbnails for a specific folder is corrupted in the main folder or sub-folders from which you are trying to view the contents.

How to resolve this problem of invalid page fault?

If you get the error message “invalid page fault” on thumbnail view, delete the thumbs.db file in the sub-folder or main folder, which has thumbnail view enabled. If you are still getting the same error message, you can get in touch with the Certified tech experts of iYogi, who can fix this problem easily. iYogi also offers quick fix remedies for any other confusing error messages on your computer and they can make your computer run hassle-free by giving comprehensive tech support.

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