Fix unexplained Computer Behavior

Is your computer behaving differently than before? Does your computer keep rebooting or have its settings changed from what you specified?

Computers are very unlike people, they work on a set of rules that they follow. If your computer is exhibiting erratic or unexplained behavior, there must be a logical reason behind it that you can trace and solve. It is important to quickly resolve the unexplained behavior of your computer as it is disruptive and can even lead to computer failure if left uncheck.

The main sources of unexplained computer behavior and troubleshooting tips are discussed in the following points.

  • Hardware as a source of unexplained computer behavior

  • Software problems

  • Using security software to remove malicious programs

Hardware as a source of unexplained computer behavior

Although this is occurring less and less as computer hardware improved over the last couple of decades, it is still possible that the unexplained behavior is caused by computer hardware. If you have installed a new component prior to the appearance of unexplained behavior, it is advised that you try to remove the said component and check whether the unexplained behavior still exists. Insufficient power and overheating can also lead to your computer restarting randomly. A thorough check of your hardware can help to trace this problem.

Software problems

Unexplained behavior can also be explained by software that is not functioning properly. Malware, viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware are the leading cause of unexplained software functionality. Some examples of behaviors that are often caused by malware include, the browser opening on its own and displaying ads, browser opens an ad site you did not open while you are browsing, home page changes from what you had set and it won’t change back, browser constantly stops responding, there are toolbars in the browser that you did not install, you cannot run certain applications which you were able to run before, and the computer takes longer to start-up or to shutdown.

Using security software to remove malicious programs

If the behavior you are experiencing is listed above, then it is safe to assume that your computer may have been infected by one or more malware. The removal of malware can be achieved with the use of certain antivirus applications. But to make sure that your computer is totally rid of any and all malware, it is best to consult a computer expert who can trace any infection and promptly remove it. Most antivirus applications are not able to recognize all malware and one or two may be able to avoid detection. A computer expert is able to recognize these threats and neutralize them either manually or with the multitude of tools that are available at their disposal.

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