Windows® Installation Errors

Are you aware of the common errors that can come during Windows installation and the methods to resolve the issues?

Microsoft now has released a number of operating systems with some advanced features. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc. are the newly released ones. During the installation process of any of these Windows operating systems, you might find yourself facing an unwelcome error message. You could perform different techniques to help resolve the problems and continue with the installation process. Before the installation of a new operating system, you have to remove the previous version successfully. A new operating system will provide the user to work in a newer and fresher environment. The new installation process will remove all the data that you have been stored on your computer system. You could purchase the CD that contains the operating system from the market or download directly from Microsoft through your computer. Frequent installation errors come from the CD if it is damaged or scratched.

Here is a description of the common Windows installation errors that can come and tips to resolve the issues:

  • Installation errors

  • Perform clean boot

  • Check the installation CD

Installation errors

Microsoft has released several updates to the Windows operating systems. Most people prefer Windows XP operating system for their home use. Occasionally you might encounter several problems during the Windows installation process. When the Windows operating system is incapable of installing properly, it will commonly tell the user during the installation process. Sometimes Windows completes the installation process successfully but fails to run properly.

Perform clean boot

To start installing the Windows operating system perform a clean boot of your computer. This process will prevent the outdated driver software, start up programs and setting from loading. These might be causing you to receive an error message. After the clean boot, run the msconfig wizard then choose the selective startup option. When the start up window appears, uncheck all the program boxes and then restart your computer system. After performing these steps, you can try to reinstall the Windows operating system.

Check the installation CD

Before the installation process check that the CD that contains the Windows operating system is clean and not scratched or dirty. A scratched installation CD is the major cause of most file copy errors encountered while the Windows set up program is running. Clean the installation CD with a soft cloth. After cleaning the CD reinsert it into your computer's drive and start the set up process.

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