How to block a contact in Yahoo!® Messenger?

Tips to Block a Contact in Yahoo!® Messenger

The messengers are the most popular source of communication on the Internet and by using these you can remain in contact with your family and friends and can feel closer wherever you are in the globe. There are many facilitating options which messengers provide you to manage the contacts by name and phone and also address. However sometimes it happens you do not want to talk to someone and want to avoid them.

Following points will be discussed here:

  • Invisible Mode

  • How to Do it

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

Invisible Mode

Yahoo!® is one of the most widely used messenger. People always find it tough to block someone if they want to. You can block your contact or can become invisible so that nobody will see you and Yahoo!® messenger provides this facility to its users.

How to Do it?

You have to first log in to Yahoo!® messenger and then go to the upper standard option bar click on the messenger tab and there will be a list provided to you with further options in it. From there you have to go to the ‘Preferences’ tab and click on it. You will then get an ignoring list. Here you have to select the person you want to block. You can either select it or can manually enter the e-mail address to even block any further invitations. Once you have added the specific person’s name or id in the list click on the tab named as ignore. Now they are officially ignored and blocked from your list they cannot further see you whenever you come online. You can check this by going on the main screen of the Yahoo!® messenger and there will a small block sign appearing on the person you have just blocked this will confirm you the task you have just performed.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage will be that the person will not further bother you and you will find a mental satisfaction due to this. The other advantage is that you do not have to ignore them on their face so they could further disturb you. The main disadvantages are that you cannot further exchange messages with them as you have blocked them in any sense. Also another disadvantage is that although it saves you from the current mental disturbance but if the person finds out that you might possibly ignoring them or might have blocked him/her . They can check there block status by using software’s available that might have a bad impact on your relationship with them. The method is very easy to block as we have mentioned here for you but you should think of the consequences that you might have to bear if there is any leak regarding your blocking off the person. However if you want it completely out of your list first apply the above procedure to block its invitations than from the main window right click on the contact and delete it permanently.

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