How to disable startup Items without Starting the Computer in Selective Startup Mode?

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If you want to disable startup items without starting the computer in Selective Startup mode, then follow the easy 9-step resolution given below to easily do this. Each step is accompanied by an indicative screenshot for ease of mirroring the action.

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Step 3

Disable unnecessary startup items:
Click to clear the check boxes of the startup items that you want to disable, and then click ‘OK’.

Note: A System Configuration dialog box then appears to confirm whether to restart the computer or to exit the System Configuration utility without restarting your computer.

Step 6

Delete the registry entries:
Delete the registry entries that are located under the ‘Startupreg’ registry entry.

Note: The registry entries are located in the right pane in ‘Registry Editor’.

Step 8

Right-click on each folder:
Right-click on each folder which appears under the ‘Startupfolder’ registry entry and click on ‘Delete’ after you right-click each folder.

Note: To delete a subkey or value, right-click the subkey or value, and then click ‘Delete’.

Step 9

Restart your PC:
Restart your computer.

Warning: If you delete the registry entries and folders, you permanently disable the startup items that you select. The Msconfig.exe utility stores information about the startup items that you disable under these entries and folders. But the Msconfig.exe utility cannot put them back in the original location when you re-enable the startup items. Serious problems may occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using any other method. These problems might require that you reinstall the operating system.

You have accessed registry editor of your system and disable startup items without starting the computer in selective startup mode. This makes the computer to start in selective startup mode. We recommend that you backup registry before making changes in the registry editor.

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